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The CostaBaja Resort & Marina beachfront is a spectacular location to enjoy the Baja lifestyle. Opening last November, the CostaBaja Beach Club is located on the shores of the beautiful Bay of La Paz. From the luxurious waterfront seating, you can enjoy your favorite beverage while looking west, into the end of another Baja day.

The Beach Club is just one of the many benefits homeowners of this luxury resort will enjoy. Members of the resort can experience the tranquility of the waves rolling gently up on the sand just yards away, while sitting on a beach canopy bed soaking up the Baja sun. The large horizonless pool reflects the Baja sky where some swim laps, while other just enjoy the in-water lounges. The large spa makes a great place to sooth sore muscles after a long day of sport fishing, diving or a trip to the islands. Few other locations offer the luxury of a workout on state of the art training gear, while overlooking the Ensenda de La Paz.

The completion of the Beach Club was the crowning touch in the completion of phase one of this beachfront resort in L a Paz. The Beach Club was designed by architect José de Yturbe. De Yturbe is the Mexico city firm that designed the Fiesta Inn and Pueblo Marinero and condos within the

Cactus sculpture at CostaBaja Resort & marina
CostaBaja complex as well as the Westin Hotel in Los Cabos and a variety of large projects worldwide. The sweeping curves of building’s lines and incorporation of the surrounding environment are the de Yturbe style evident in the Beach Club. The use of palapa for the vaulted roof of the bar area give the facility that traditional feel.

Interior design was provided by BantaStudios of San Rafael, California. I had opportunity to chat briefly with the Design Director, Bryan Tarrant, at the opening. Bryan has a long resume of resort design work over three decades.

“As far as the overall aesthetic is concerned, our main goal in every project is to discover one or two main characteristics of the building and/or locale that we can make resonate throughout the design.  This, together with some research into its particular history and an understanding of the client’s requirements, gives each hotel its own unique identity and visual spirit.” Bryan told me.

The brightly colored cushions, comfortable ocean front seating and fine wood bar give the Beach Club a very warm and exciting feel. The colors are extenuated by the setting sun each evening. The curved lines of the large bar in the main palapa suggest a panga like shape, crowned at each end by a 14’ tall illuminated metal cactus.

The restaurant is serving up fabulous cuisine for club members 7 days a week. With cascading waterfalls along one wall and the view of the Bay of La Paz on the another, dining guests enjoy breakfast and lunch with a view of downtown La Paz stretching off in the distance. The staff is as wonderful as the architecture and the scenery while the creations of the kitchen staff are sure to please.

The Beach Club has been a little quiet through these winter months, but soon more new members will be enjoying this marvelous new facility.  With sales moving briskly for the newly released Las Colinas hillside homes and the completion of the VistaMar model on the beach adjacent to the Beach Club, many new owners of this luxury real estate will soon be joining current residents in the pursuit of happiness in this magical location. Just image yourself in the bubbling warm waters of the spa, margarita in hand, after a round of golf on the Gary Player designed golf course which will begin construction this spring.

With all this to offer, CostaBaja Resort and Marina certainly has a world class resort lifestyle, here in La Paz. We hope that you enjoy this architectural tour of the facility with these images taken just before the opening. All the colors, shapes and reflections provide this photo essay with an invitation to see yourself in the picture soon.